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Cover art by Fantasia Cover Design

Book 1: The Book That Started It All!

How Maxwell Grover Stole My House

What if every fear you ever had about your creepy next-door neighbor turned out to be true?


10-year-old Zeke Langley has become the target of his nasty new neighbor, Maxwell Grover. For reasons known only to him, the unsavory stranger seems determined to make Zeke's life miserable and force his family out of their home.


Inevitably, Zeke and his best friend Winks set out on a journey to discover what Grover is hiding. What they find sends them down a road they never imagined ... and on a mission they may never return from.

Cover art by Fantasia Cover Design

How Maxwell Grover Stole My Parents

Book 2: Coming January 2016!

Is Dinsley Doomed?


Maxwell Grover is back, but unfortunately for him, so are Zeke and Winks. He's just as nasty as ever and has gone from troublesome neighbor to live-in nightmare!


Zeke is desperate to find a way to break the enchantment on his family and free them from their evil captor. Joined again by his loyal best friend, he sets out to undo what has been done as he searches for a way to put an end to Grover's reign of terror ... before he takes over Dinsley. 

The rivalry hits a fever pitch as the pair attempts to use magic to beat Grover at his own game. With new discoveries and unexpected consequences, both sides may come up short in the end.

Meet Maxwell Grover...


     He was only as tall as I was, and about three times as wide. He had little warts all over his pale, grayish face and a round, bulbous nose. Stringy black hair hung down to his shoulders, but he was bald on the very top of his crown. His beady little black eyes darted around the room, peering at each of us in turn from under thick curly brows. A gnarled hand with cracked brown fingernails rested on his hard, bony chin as he studied us.




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